Our Mission

At Hearing Center of Bucks County, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

About Us

Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care need, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing and tinnitus needs using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology . Because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, coming to Hearing Center of Bucks County means that you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing needs are being met. Hearing Center of Bucks County wants you to be satisfied with your care. We are a local, independent, community-oriented practice. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. A strong patient-provider relationship based on honesty, integrity, and values is what we strive for, and we feel that this is the best approach to making sure you don’t miss any of the precious moments in your life.

7 Reasons to Visit

We believe that educated patients are our best patients.
We provide our patients with educational materials about hearing loss and the technology options available, to help you make informed choices about your hearing care.
Our expertise and variety of services mean you get the care you deserve.
Our hearing care providers have the skill set to develop a comprehensive better-hearing treatment plan that incorporates the most effective hearing treatment options.
Detailed audiometric testing means we address the specific nature of your unique hearing loss.
Our diagnostic examinations accurately determine what listening environments are particularly problematic for your lifestyle, and a treatment plan is developed specifically for your individual hearing needs.
State-of-the-art hearing aids optimize your ability to hear.
We work with the world’s best manufacturers, and we offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing systems available anywhere.
We offer exact hearing aid fitting and programming to your satisfaction.
Armed with an accurate diagnosis, our providers cater to your hearing needs with technology that is comfortable to wear and offers unmatched clarity.
Exceptional follow-up care means you get ongoing, personalized customer service.
As part of our comprehensive better-hearing program, you’ll receive cleanings, free batteries, and hearing aid refittings when changes in hearing and lifestyle occur.
We absolutely love what we do!
We’re motivated by helping people reconnect with their families and loved ones through better hearing, and our passion for better hearing means you get the best experience — every time.


See what people are saying about Hearing Center of Bucks County

  • Dr. Butera, I wanted to thank you and your assistant, Helen Wilson, for your help with my new hearing aid. Your assistance with the insurance greatly simplified the process. I appreciate you taking the time to explain all my options and helping me choose the best fit for my needs.

    Charles B.

  • I’m sitting here on my front porch with my wife for our anniversary. I can hear birds and the wind! I love my aids…. Thank you again for the guidance.

    Joe I.

  • I want to thank you for giving George the gift of hearing again. George is a man who takes care of everyone but himself. His family always comes first, especially his grandchildren.

    He finally agreed to an evaluation as he had complete confidence in you. He knew that he could trust you to tell him if he could not be helped.

    He now says the quiet world he lived in is gone and he loves every minute in his new world thanks to you, Dr. Judy.

    Please accept our appreciation for your wonderful work from grateful people.

    Barbara and George S.

  • Just a note to say Thank You very much for fixing my hearing aid and also I was surprised by how quickly you were able to fix it. I had 2 people recommend this office and I am truly grateful for that. Now it is my turn to tell everyone I know who wears a hearing aid or is having trouble with their hearing to come to your office.

    Diane K.

  • Much to my surprise after living with MEDIOCRE hearing aids, and suffering through countless years of unsatisfactory results, I found a hearing aid that does what it claims to do. I finally can hear almost as well as I did before I lost some of my hearing.

    Dr J.C. Butera was my salvation. She took me aside, tested me, then explained the workings of the aid, then fit it to my ear to a tee. Can’t tell you how pleased I am with this aid. I hardly feel it and forget I have it in my ear.

    Norman M.